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2010 Electric Car Smart Fortwo Picture and sexy girl

2010 Electric Car Smart Fortwo Picture
2010 Electricity tiny Smart Car Fortwo Picture Electricity tiny Smart Car Fortwo Picture
Discussed long after the tiny electric cars, Smart Fortwo, at the end of this year will enter the production phase.

However, the unique, Smart Fortwo was not directly marketed but akan first akan 'lent' to prospective customers that their choice in Europe and the United States before officially marketed in the upcoming year 2012.

Cars appropriate name, Fortwo, is able to accommodate two passengers with the power source of lithium ion batteries be 30 kW. Battery is capable of tersembur torsi up to 120 Nm.

Though tiny, Smart Fortwo was able to explore to places far enough. Because when battery is fully charged, the car is able to walk about 72 miles or 115 kilometers.

The time needed for the Smart Fortwo recharge power also be regarded
fast enough that only about 3 hours only.

And more impressive again, even though the appearance is considered sufficient doubts,
Smart Fortwo was able berakselerasi from 0-60 km / h in just 6.5 time
seconds only. This car is also able to run more than 100 km / hour.

During the four years or 60,000 km before the launch, Fortwo will be lent to consumers in big cities in Europe such as Berlin. Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Pisa, and Rome. Meanwhile, to the cities in the United States are not mentioned in detail.

And when launch time came, in the future in 2010, Smart Fortwo can be trusted in demand in the market.

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