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Motor Suzuki Skydrive Dynamatic 2010

Motor Suzuki Skydrive Dynamatic 2010
PT Indomobil Niaga International (IMNI) who became sole agent in Indonesia Suzuki brand new it will launch the MSN teranyarnya skutik in April next. For display problems, Dynamatic is consistent with the promise of previous Suzuki says that the motors are already circulating in the country this white elephant will appear more fresh and sporty compared to other Suzuki skutik variants. To view the front face, Sky Drive looks very aggressive. Especially if we look at the design of multi-reflector head lamp of his who have successfully combined with design "sayap'nya which has a fine line and managed to make it so skutik looks very sporty.

Skutik backside is also very nice to be seen as skutik taillight design that targets student market has an aero design with high dynamics and the taper to make this bike any ass look so very stylis.

And to complement the sporty who want to build, the Suzuki was also to apply this to the display skutik racing rim on both tires.

In the kitchen runway, Suzuki was still so confident with
performance of its flagship 125 cc engine which had also applied in Spin and SkyDrive.

It is not surprising, because in addition there is no manufacturer would dare to play in this cc, 125 cc engine it was Suzuki's proven reliability with the ability to give off maximum power 6.9 kW at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 9.6 Nm achieved at 6500 rpm spin.

However, despite very aggressive Dynamatic seen, through the spacious luggage room and a front rack on the front of the bike, this skutik was also able to provide comfort and convenience in storage of goods.

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