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Porsche Cayenne Hybrid and Diesel Specs

Porsche Cayenne Diesel Pictures
Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Pictures

The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid will be in India abutting year, according to letters in the media. Like its aeon Ferrari (who employs KERS in the accessible F450) and Lamborghini (who ability plonk a agent agent beneath the Estoque’s bonnet) Porsche is acknowledging greener and another fuels and technology.

4-Cylinder ability with V8 performance

2010 Porsche Cayenne S Amalgam boasts of

A Supercharged Audi 3.0-liter V6 agent with DFI Max Power – 333 Bhp , Max Torque – 324 lb-ft

Also able with 52-HP, 3-phase ancillary electric motor that adds 221 lb-ft of torque.

86 mph top acceleration application aloof the electric motor

Porsche showrooms in India accept bristles variants of Porsche Cayenne in action currently. As they are CBUs they amount advancement of 50 lakh, so don’t apprehend the Cayenne amalgam to be bargain or affordable.

India has not apparent any Hybrid SUVs. The extreme exceptional car makers accept gone in India is alms agent models. If the approaching belongs to amalgam vehicles, the aboriginal planning can accord Porsche a arch alpha in India.

Porsche expects a agent Cayenne to addition sales of the Cayenne in particular. What’s more, Porsche expects this agent archetypal to annual for about 80% of the sales of the Cayenne range. This is all addition it a bit- Let me explain why.

Porsche claims a ammunition ability amount of beneath than 10 litres per kilometer of diesel. The German architect says that the agent Cayenne was alien to lower the all-embracing ammunition burning of the Cayenne range. The aberration in the fairytale starts here-how generally accept you appear beyond a ammunition ability amount claimed by the aggregation that has stood in the absolute world? Aloof think..

The agent adaptation is powered by a 3.0L V6 turbo agent agent produced by the Audi-VW accumulation that produces a bashful 240 bhp and 550Nm of torque. (modest compared to the blow of the range). We accept appear to apperceive that the Cayenne will be the alone agent archetypal in the ambit while the Panamera wont get any agent model.

Whatever said, the agent Porsche Cayenne will be accessible at the Indian Porsche dealership this year.

IAB Comment- We apprehend the 500bhp 5.0 V12 TDI from the Q7 TDi in the Cayenne soon.Stay tuned!

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